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AWWWW~ aren’t they cute? 😊
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by ぀ăȘで

Haruka and Michiru from Sailor Moon.
By Kenda-Oh
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- I brought a present for you, but first I want my kiss. 
- You’re so bossy.
- And you love it.
The greatest gift is the relationship of couple, get together and providing support in good and bad moments, the small gestures.. a gift that renews itself every day.
And remember, you do not need a date to show how much you love someone (be it a lover, a friend or a relative. People you love and are part of your life).
Credit: Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Moon) © Naoko Takeushi

tiny sneaky work doodle… help… i’ve fallen too deep….
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My silly Michiru and her poolside selfies. 
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I should be finishing my homework, as always~
The sea is always looking for the wind, even if it flies away… the sea will always travel all around the world just for a breeze.
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